Setting the color depth using the runscript command

Is there a way to set the color depth when connecting to an sut using the runscript command? I can use -host and -port but I don’t see anything for color depth. Alternatively is there a way to force the color depth to Default globally?

I have 2 mac minis that we use to run tests from the command line through an existing automation framework. Since they are licensed for execution only there is no way to use the gui connection manager to setup the vnc connection properties.

So, at this time Eggplant doesn’t have a way from command line to specify the color depth for a CLI connection nor does it have a default color depth.

The only thing that comes to mind is that at the beginning of your script you can issue a connect command that will allow you to specify a complete property list (including a color depth), you can even pass everything in as a parameter from the command line, but you’ll need to make the actual connect call in the script.

We’ll look at offering more options in a future release of Eggplant.

Actually, although I think it isn’t mentioned in the documentation, the -host parameter to the runscript command can also accept the name of a SUT in your connection list instead of a host name or IP address. If it uses a port other than 5900 you’ll probably have to specify the correct port number, too, for it to properly locate the SUT information. This will allow you to configure the color depth and other information in the connection list without needing to supply it on the command line.

For this to work, you’ll need to run the runscript command as a user that has the needed information in their connection list (the connection list information is stored in the com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant.plist file in each user’s Library/Preferences folder).