SetRemoteClipboard() when the SUT is linux?

My SUT is linux RHE3 using Gnome.
Latest version 3 Eggplant.

The same code that pastes to the clipboard on a Windows SUT fails on my linux SUT.

I’ve manually verified with interactive Eggplant that this is not working:

SetRemoteClipboard theText
TypeText “\cv\C”


Can you verify that pasteboard operations to the LINUX sut are working at all?

In other words if you are in live mode and copy a string can you paste it in Linux?

Similarly, can you copy from LINUX can you paste it on the Eggplant machine?

Basically I’m trying to determine if it’s a scripting problem or a SUT pasteboard problem.

Natively on the SUT:
from gnome-terminal: R-Click | copy, R-Click Paste (and -v) works fine.

From interactive Eggplant: setRemoteClipboard “hi there”, in the linux SUT in the connection window: -v and R-Click Paste both paste in the stuff I copied interactively on the SUT, not what I told Eggplant to put into the clipboard.

In the linux SUT from the connection window: Hilite some text in gnome-terminal, R-Click | copy. Back in the Run window of Interactive Eggplant: put remoteClipboard() yields “hi there”.

Seems to be a total lack of communication between the clipboard of the SUT and eggplant.

My understanding is that LINUX clipboards aren’t as universal as Mac and Windows clipboards.

In order to sync between different clipboard mechanism you need to also run vncconfig:

Blasting out a “vncconfig -nowin&” to the console during a test run does make the clipboard exchange work.

Thanks for your help!