Set the logging directory?

I wish to change the default logging directory, is there anyway to do that?

Actually, you can change the Results Directory on the Settings tab of each Suite.

You can also specify a folder for all the results to go into by using a dwrite from the Terminal window:

defaults write Eggplant GlobalResultsFolder “path/to/some/folder”

Im getting a critical error, “NSInvalidArgumentExeption: GSCInclineString(Instance) does not recognize size.”

If i hit the debug button the program crashes, also if i try to open eggplant in debug mode it asks for a license Witch is why i have not gotten back to you with those logs.

Hmm, that appears to be a bug. If you don’t want to use the dwrite – which should work, but which sets the result directory for every suite – you can edit the SuiteInfo file in the top level of the suite directory. Add a property for ResultsFolder and give the full path to the directory you want to use without the trailing slash, for example:

{EPVersionNumber = 1264; 
Thumbnails = NO; 
helperSuites = (); 
runSchedule = (); 
runScheduleCC = 0; 
suiteResults = {}; 
ResultsFolder = "/home/vadmin/Temp/GlobalResults"; }

Ah works like a charm, if i could add a suggestion for maybe a future release, it would be nice if you could set this in sense talk scripting somewhere. So you can split up the logs for every run for example:

Logpath "/home/usr/desktop/logs/Suite name/" & the date & "/" & the time & "/"

this is kind of what i am looking for, the way you currently have the logging laid out i run multiple scripts for a single test and it is kinda a pain to sift through all the diffrent folders for my 1 test run with multiple scripts, and if i know the only logs that are in there are for that run it would be a huge help.