Server not running, screen format not supported

Okay, been trying to figure out why the server won’t start and I’m hoping somebody can help me. Running OS X 10.5.8. I try to start the VineVNC server and I get the message The server has stopped running. See Log. Here is the information in the log file:

2011-10-26 14:49:18 -0400 Starting Vine Server 3.12(1104)
-rfbport 0 -desktop msgsec-9 (soa_admin) -donotloadproxy -rfbauth /Users/soa_admin/.vinevncauth -alwaysshared -restartonuserswitch N -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 3 -EventSource 2 -swapButtons -rendezvous Y

2011-10-26 14:49:18.478 OSXvnc-server[808:10b] Arguments: -rfbport 0 -desktop msgsec-9 (soa_admin) -donotloadproxy -rfbauth /Users/soa_admin/.vinevncauth -alwaysshared -restartonuserswitch N -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 3 -EventSource 2 -swapButtons -rendezvous Y
2011-10-26 14:49:18.479 OSXvnc-server[808:10b] Main Bundle: /Volumes/Vine Server/Vine
2011-10-26 14:49:18.480 OSXvnc-server[808:10b] Loading Bundle /Volumes/Vine Server/Vine
2011-10-26 14:49:18.482 OSXvnc-server[808:10b] Loading Bundle /Volumes/Vine Server/Vine
2011-10-26 14:49:18.487 OSXvnc-server[808:10b] screen format not supported.

Unfotunately, google has been unkind on this subject because people simply answer with use Apple’s built in screen sharing which won’t work for me. I need to be able to have users on different ports simultaneously with their own private sessions. So the built in vnc won’t work. If anybody has any ideas of what I can do they would be greatly appreciated.

You mention needing to have users on different ports. Is the user running this VNC server off-screen. If so you might need to restart the server after you have done the fast user switch(which is easiest if you let the Vine Server GUI do it using the restart on FUS option.

If not then are you running VNC under a different user?

No to both questions. The VNC server isn’t running at all. That is my problem. I can’t even get the server to boot up and run. Every time I try, I get the error telling me the screen format is not supported. And the screen format is 1024 x 768. It’s not anything weird so I don’t understand why it won’t start at all.

It’s acting like it doesn’t have proper access to the window buffer, which usually would only be an issue if you were in from a different account.

Are you doing this from a terminal that is launched by the logged in user or are you coming in via SSH or some other remote operation?

If so you should run the server as root (using sudo).