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Source Codes list:
put ImageLocation(“Base”) into ValueSliderSearchRectangle
insert ValueSliderSearchRectangle + (600,60) after ValueSliderSearchRectangle
put ValueSliderSearchRectangle
put items (3,4) of ValueSliderSearchRectangle into AngleSliderSearchRectangle
put AngleSliderSearchRectangle
insert AngleSliderSearchRectangle + (600,60) after AngleSliderSearchRectangle
put AngleSliderSearchRectangle


You’re running into a bug that was fixed in the most recent releases of eggPlant (Mac 10.2, Linux 10.21, Windows 10.22). Download and install the latest version for your platform and this problem should go away.

Hi Doug,
I am sure I used the latest eggPlant version 10.22 on Windows XP.

My apologies. :oops:

The problem you reported is very similar to the one that was recently fixed so I assumed it was the same one without actually trying your code. Now that I’ve run your code I see there is another subtle variation on that bug which you’ve run into.

Fortunately, there is an easy workaround to avoid the problem. Instead of accessing the individual items “(3,4)” of the list, specify the same items using the range of items “3 to 4”. So the 4th line of your script would become:

put items 3 to 4 of ValueSliderSearchRectangle into AngleSliderSearchRectangle

That change will avoid the problem and give you the result you expect.

Exactly,this workaround could work.Thanks Doug!

You’re welcome.

Also, for future reference, this bug has now been fixed for the next release of eggPlant, so users of eggPlant version 10.23 and later shouldn’t have to worry about this problem.