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Hi all,
I have the following requirement: When ever I run my script it should create a new User using some random text. I could come with the following code

Put ( Joe, Tom, TNG, HJJ,?? on) into listofnames
Put Random(20) into randomint
Put item randomint of listofnames into randomname

The above code helps in selecting a random value from the list. But, it can pick the same value for multiple execution of script.
What I want to do is whenever I run a script, it should create a new user different from already existing user.
Is there any way I can achieve this ??

Thank you

Here’s some code that creates a random string of 6 characters using all the letters of the alphabet. It will eventually create duplicates, but it has over 308 million unique combinations, so the odds are against that happening anytime soon:

set username to (any item of a..z for each item of 1..6) joined by empty

Great it works!!
Matt you are awesome.