Sendint Ctrl-Alt-Del To Windows Vista

I have my SUT open in VNC and I can see the message “Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to log on”.

I’m using the following syntax:
TypeText ControlKey, WindowsAltKey, DeleteKey

But nothing happens.

I’m on Eggplan version 4.12.

Is there a trick that I’m missing?


Make sure that you click the “Insert Unquoted” button, not just “Insert”, otherwise you are sending the string “ControlKey, WindowsAltKey, DeleteKey” to the remote system, not the modifier key events.

You’ll also want to make sure you are connecting to a RealVNC server. I don’t believe TightVNC can trigger the Ctrl-Alt-Delete for the login/screen-saver at the required hardware level.

I’m using UltraVNC…RealVNC CHARGES MONEY for a version that works with Vista :mrgreen:

Note too that if you’re not trying to script this, but just to make it happen on the remote system in Live Mode, there is an option under the Control menu to do this without typing anything.

I was having the same problem the odd time on XP and depending on the timing it would not always work. I just decided to set the machine to autolog in and this eliminates problems when restarting a machine and logging back in.