Sending report info to SQL using ODBC

Hi all,

I have a report that I need to send to an SQL box. Currently I test several programs and gather the values that I want from the SUT System Profiler and the LogFile.txt. At this point I can create a formatted .txt file or .html file.

Hopefully I’m wording this right,
Does Eggplant have the capability of using ODBC so I can send this information to my SQL box?

thanks, Craig

Hi, Craig:

No, Eggplant doesn’t currently use ODBC, although we hope to include some built-in database access in the future. If you can access your database from the command line, you may be able to use Eggplant’s shell() function to run a command to do the update. I’ve had some success doing this with a MySQL database. If you see that as a possibility, let me know and we can try to work out the specifics.