Sending Mac Option (alt) key to system via OSXvnc

The FileMaker application on Mac employs and alt/Option-mouse click combination as a shortcut for some of its commands.

However, I noticed many VNC viewers, including the open source Chicken of the VNC, doesn’t support sending the alt/Option key to the OSXvnc server.

I would like to know if there is a way to get around this, i. e. with another viewer that allows me to send this key or with another key combination on the viewer end.

If not, can you tell me what Rfb protocol code is to send this keystroke over to OSXvnc, i. e. what are the sequence of bytes I need to send.

Please let me know. THX.

Our Vine Viewer supports sending the Alt/Option key. Feel free to request a trial.

For the record the Alt/Option key is mapped to the XKeySym for the META key.