Selecting filenames from Capture Image listbox

I use long names for my images. Sometimes it is a pain for me to save a picture using a previous name as I have to retype the whole name in the capture image textbox that takes in the image name.

Is it possible for you guys to change the way you handle clicks on the menu option to pull the filename I selected from the list pls.

I’m not sure I entirely understand. I think I understand that you are capturing an image again and want to save it under the same name that it used before.

Currently you can use the file browser part (EP 2.1+) or expand the save dialogue (EP 2.0-) to see the current images in the suite. If you click on one of those you’ll get that image name copied into the File Name field.

I have the feeling though that you were thinking of something a little different; so feel free to add some clarification and it might turn into a feature for the next release.

Yup… sorry for not being clear… I do exactly what you say, but find that the name is not copied correctly.

When I save try to replace img1, it saves it as something else. Something of the order <123x81928>.tiff and not img1.tiff


What file system is your Eggplant machine using? I’m wondering if it’s formatted with UFS rather than HFS+? When we see what I can only describe as “strange” behaviors of this type, it’s often because the machine is running UFS.

The behavior that you are requesting is the behavior that you should be seeing – it is working properly in Eggplant 2.1 and Eggplant 2.0. When you click to capture an image, you can click on the name of an existing image in the file browser, and that name is inserted in the file name field.

It would be nice if you implemented one of the following for resaving images:

  1. Auto-complete for file names.
  2. I could click on the filename of an image and press a letter thereby causing the contents of the window to scroll to the file beginning with that letter. A further enhancement would be to allow me to rapidly type in letters and have a behavior similar to auto-complete, i.e. I type ‘sce’ and the list scrolls to the first file beginning with ‘sce’.