Select the options from window contains dropdown list

I have window with scroll up and scroll down buttons. The window has list of values. Kindly help me! How to get values from the window? How to make egg plant to read all the values in that window?

Perhaps I can help you if you attach a screenshot which explains more!!!

Hi ,

Please find the attachment.

Help me to read text in the window using eggplant.


Here’s your sample script
First of all you need to capture scroll with a ‘Click’. Once you save image with action ‘Click’ then try below sample script

Click “Image Name” //Image (Scroll Bar) that you captured with an action ‘Click’
Wait 5.0 // Just make sure tool capture and click the scroll bar
ScrollWheelDown 10 //This action will scroll down the bar with in the parameter
Click (Text: “Name of the text”)

May be you need to modify above script based on execution results.

Let me know if you still have any questions or feel free email me. I can post you the video which explains the procedure that you after.

I have tried. But it does not select the text required. The egg plant simply click the relevant text not exactly. Each time i run the script, automatically the selection moved to next line. :frowning: :frowning:

Kindly share me reference.

Pls Urgent


I see where you stuck.

I guess there are many options in your case.

  1. Captures images of each text with an action ‘Click’ - not sure if this sounds like a plan
  2. use something below code to differentiate the occurrences of the word -
    click the last item of everyImageLocation(Text:“Desktop Gadget Gallery”)

Did you manage to get success with the script ScrollWheelDown/Up???

Worth to have a read the below document-

ScrollWheel Down\Up - Success.

It operates the window correctly.
But i need to read the values one by one.
Is it possible?


I need to pass values to variable in run time.

How to perform that?



not sure why it’s not working for you as I tried to use below script with the screenshot that you provided and I see the highlighted with action 'Click -

Click (Text: “Default Programs”)
wait 5.0

If ImageFound(Text:“Default Programs”)
log “Default Programs - Text found”
log “Desktop Programs - Text Not found”
end if

wait 5.0

Click (Text: “Desktop Gadget Gallery”)
Wait 5.0
If ImageFound(Text: “Desktop Gadget Gallery”)
log “Desktop Gadget Gallery - Text Found”
Log “Desktop Gadget Gallery - Text Not found”
end if

Please also see attached screenshot for results from EggPlant -