Scripts and images location?

I’m currently using eggPlant for Windows and I’ve been happily creating and running tests from my local machine. However, recently my company acquired a trial execution license that we have installed on our TFS Build machine, now obviously for the tests to run the scripts and images all needed to be on the TFS Build machine but I was wondering if anyone had an idea or an example of how they work day to day with the eggplant GUI tool and execution tool?

For example would it be better for me to have all the images and scripts in one place? If so, which place is best? At the moment I’m having to copy all my local images and scripts onto the TFS Build machine in order for my changes to be used by the build.


The best approach is to use some form of code management system with a repository that suites are checked into and out of. Suites are developed on machines using eggPlant’s full GUI, checked into the repository, and checked out to the execution machine. There are a number of freely available systems, such as Subversion, that perform this function very well.

Thanks for that.

I’ve heard that using a repository to check into can cause issues because of the number of folders (image collections) that get created. Is this true? If so is there anything I can do to mitigate this?