Scripting method for varying labels???

Hi All,

How should we script to test with the labels (changing in nature)??? For example, a label with different display depending upon other factors, say like input values :!:

If you need to recognize the existence of these labels and your test environment is Windows or OS X, you may want to experiment with text image generation. Text image generation allows you to dynamically generate text images of the labels that you need to script actions against. You can obtain more info on the usage of text image generation in the “Eggplant Reference” manual.

I have the same issue. But the text is not known before the execution of the script, can i caputre the text during run-time. That is, if I am in a particular screen that I want to capture that text and save it in a txt/csv/excel file and continue on to the next steps of test execution.

please advise.


It is possible if you can select your text.

Please go to the following post for further details.