Script for Ctrl +;

can someone clarify ‘How to script below shortcut’?

Ctrl +;

I see the above shortcut actually captures the SUT and then manually save in a location.

Also please clarify me How to look “Enter Keystroke Pop up menu”? I’m searching from reference manual but haven’t detail the process so confused a bit,!!!

Hi, Please ignore my above question as I’ve actually found a solution but I’m kind of stuck when trying to retrieve the captured image.

When I use command CaptureScreen “RemoteConnection IP”
which actually captures the image of SUT and recorded in results.
So when I tried to retrieve the picture it says “Picture printing is not available without the Desktop Experience Feature”.

Actually I’m not trying to print the image as I just need to validate few things by look and feel.

So Am I doing anything wrong here??

Please help me!!

I’m not sure what you mean by “retrieve the captured” image. If you are trying to use it as a Test Image then you need to save it to the Images folder of the suite and you want to specify an “ImageInfo” property list when you capture it.

Thanks You. I’ve found the solution.

From the user manual, now I understood the logic behind Capture Image Function.

By default, images will save in AppData folder but you need to uncheck hide option from folder options to view this folder.

When I say ‘retrieve image’, I mean was trying to save image which is captured and displayed in Test Results. But I know it’s not possible to save images which were displayed in Test Results.