Script documentation

I have been looking into this and haven’t found it so far. I am trying to figure out if there is a simple way to produce documentation for the scripts that I have written. What I am looking for is something similar to Doxygen, or possibly if someone has written a SenseTalk filter for Doxygen (I have to admit, I haven’t tried playing with Doxygen using a script yet to see what might happen).

I just found another post on the subject from a month ago. Will look at that and repost if it doesn’t do what I am looking for.

If the post you are referring to references the eggDoc approach, that’s what we recommend for creating documentation from scripts. That’s the only mechanism that I’m aware of that will do any automated documentation from SenseTalk.

Yes EggDoc_Win was it. Its a nice documenting script. I pulled it down and made some slight modifications to it so that I can add in a tag for optional and a tag for reference, so that the color coded words optional and reference are put in the params listing. I basically already had the comment blocks in my code, I just had to modify them to be in the EggDoc format. Conversion went pretty quickly using a few simple Notepad++ macros. I also modified the EggDoc script so that the user can select a folder that contained a number of suites (since we currently have 5) and it will create catalogs for each suite found. I also made a change to add in to the suite index pages a relative link to a suite catalog page that I manually made. I would like to modify the script to create the suite catalog page automatically, but even though I don’t think it would be that difficult, I don’t have time for that right now. Thanks to those who worked on this script though, it will be very helpful, if/when we get more people working on the scripts besides me.