Script Descriptions should carry over to Schedule

I noticed that script descriptions do not carry over to the schedule info part.

Pease refer to the attached screenshot.

I may add to a given script a description and it would be nice to have this carried over to the schedule info part. I do understand that I may have multiple “instances” of the same script which will result that the same description will be visible in the schedule info part for all appearances of the script.
Perfect would be if each schedule part may have its own note/description, but I can live with the above also. 8)

The field in question has a different purpose in the Schedule tab. Note that it is labeled “Status” not “Description”. It shows the current status of the script and whether it is running and the result of its last run. Since those messages don’t take up much space, we could probably add a second field to that panel for the description, although this is the first time I can recall that feature being requested.

That sounds good to me.

Interesting to hear that no one yet has requested or thought of similar. I mainly use and “look” at the “Schedule” and many a time we need to disable parts of the schedule and a “Note/Comment” field at that level would help to “note/comment” the reason why we need to disable.

In our environment it would not matter if the “Note/Comment” itself is “attached” to the script itself (displayed in “Schedule” then) or if it would be a “Note/Comment” on its own for the dedicated “Schedule” entry. Whats easiest to achieve is fine to me as long we have a change to “Note/Comment” “Schedule” parts.

Thanks for sharing some details about how you use the Schedules tab. The more we understand about people’s usage scenarios and motivation for requesting a feature, the more likely we are to (a) implement that feature, and (b) do it in a way that will truly serve your needs.