Saving the script taking more time

Hi eggPlant team,

I am wasting lot of time while saving the script file after made changes in the script.

I have 120 KB file script while saving it is taking 3 to 4 mins time. wasting lot of time.

Please give me suggestions to reduce the time

That’s a pretty big script and I would definitely recommend you start breaking it into smaller scripts and having a master script call those.

However, it should never take eggPlant that long to save a script and so I think you’ve found a bug. If you can we would appreciate you sending your script to our support team and we can try to resolve the slowness.

As a short term workaround, that delay is probably caused by the automatic formatting and color coding. You can turn those off in eggPlant->Preferences->Script. Then on the Indentation and Colorization tabs turn off those features.