Same script, multiple SUTs and servers


We are trying to design a single script that can be run concurrently on different SUTs connecting to different servers. We cant have the server config information in the script because its different per instance. I had thought about putting a config file on the SUT and trying to read that in from Eggplant but I dont think that will work. Is there a generally accepted method to do what I need to do?

This is what I figured the config file would look like:

//Server Info
// Server name for script failure e-mail
Put “sestst6/w32ast02” into serverName
// Server config
Put “Default Environment” into serverConfig
// Test ID
Put “demo” into serverID
// Test password
Put “Password” into serverPassword

These values would be used in our script

If I understand correctly, you’ll want to store your server config files on your Eggplant machine or on a drive or shared folder that can be mounted on the Eggplant machine, not necessarily the SUT itself, if you want to read them. Then you can use the file handlers that are built into SenseTalk:

put file "/path/to/serverconfig" into myVar

Hope this helps