Same Machine, Different User

I’ve been happily using Eggplant on my iMac for over a year. Last week when I went on vacation a co-worker tried to run Eggplant from their account on the same Mac but was asked to enter the license information. Huh? Today I played around with it a bit. I don’t know why it’s asking for license information it already has but, under my co-worker’s account, I entered the license information. Now I get an error message saying that, though the information is correct, Eggplant can’t write to the folder (because my co-worker does not have admin privileges on this iMac).

What special magic do I need to do to allow another user on this Mac to use Eggplant? Ideally I want it to use the already-entered license information it is using for me.

My guess is that when you licensed eggPlant, it was unable to write to /Library/Eggplant to save the license file, so instead it wrote the file to ~/Library/Eggplant, which isn’t accessible to other users. You should check the permissions on the /Library/Eggplant folder and make sure that is writable by you. Then you can either move the license files from ~/Library/Eggplant to /Library/Eggplant or delete the license file(s) from ~/Library/Eggplant and reenter them in the eggPlant Licenses panel so that they are saved in the appropriate folder. Then other users on the machine should be able to run eggPlant.

Interesting. Indeed, the license was in ~/Library/Eggplant. I copied it to /Library/Eggplant and all is well. I, of course, don’t have permission to write to /Library/Eggplant but, since I’m the box’s admin, it should have been able to get that permission with a password prompt. My hunch is that whatever is saving the license out is seeing that the directory is not writable and falling back to the home directory rather than prompting for an admin’s password.

Thanks for the help!