Safari/Firefox browser Issues when running a script on a MAC

We seem to be having a few Safari/Firefox browser Issues when running a script on a MAC:

Note: The script works fine in Windows

  1. Exiting the browser. The desktop is not cleared of any open browsers.
  2. On subsequent runs, other windows (explorer/finder) are launched but browser is not launched. I have had to reboot after every run.
  3. User has to manually clear the History before the correct URL is typed in and browser launched. The browser history interferes with the launch URL
  4. Is there any reliable way of launching the browser maximised, without using the Spotlight?

Any help/pointers will be greatly appreciated



First, you should really send this sort of issue to the support e-mail address; the forums are meant to be more of a community resource than a means of direct support.

  1. You don’t say how you are trying to exit the browser: Keyboard commands? Menus? Clicking the close button?

  2. Again, how are you trying to launch the browser?

  3. Where are you typing the URL? It sounds like the browser has not been launched when you enter the URL. How is the history “interfering”?

  4. Which browser are you launching? What does Spotlight have to do with launching the browser? Spotlight is the Finder search utility.

We’ll be happy to try to help you resolve these issues once we have a better understanding of what you are doing.