Runscript Results

Hey –

If I use runscript with a particular script, does a log get outputted anywhere?

I’m getting inconsistent results between running through Eggplant proper and through runscript, and I’m trying to debug the issues. A few things get set out to stdout, but I’m interested in the full run log that you get if you’re actually inside eggplant.


Yes, the log should be written to the same place it is written when you run from within Eggplant. If you open Eggplant after your runscript completes, there should be an entry in the Results tab under that script name for the command line run.

In the Finder, the log will be written under /[pathToSuite]/[suitename]/Results/[scriptname]/[date/timestampFolder]/LogFile.txt

If that’s not the case for you, please give us more details about what you are doing and seeing.

Yeah, I’m seeing them now. I could have sworn they were not appearing, but I likley did something strange like do a fresh CVS checkout or something then expected them to be there.


Just some additionally notes to anyone using the runscript command.

If there is output you would like to see while running from command line you can use this construct:

write "stuff to say" & return to stderr

If you would like anything recorded to the results file please use

log "stuff to say"

In Eggplant 1.5, ask and answer are not supported in command line mode and will unfortunately cause UI panels to appear that need to be dismissed before your scripts will finish.

Put commands and other standard out that you see in the GUI run log is not displayed when running from the command line.