runscript and scheduling

Having an issue using runscript with the scheduler. On my machine, I can click the run button on the schedules TAB and the master controller runs successfully. w00t.

However, I have a script written in Ruby which updates from SCM and then runs the Master Controller, on a different machine, using the scheduler. I get an error resolving HOST The machine is there (my other eggplant scripters can connect to it, but unfortunately I can’t see the connection list since this is a CLI licence.

Hopefully my migraine-influenced post makes sense and someone can give me some help.

When running in CLI, remember there is no GUI eggplant, so no connection list exists. Your script will have to either have it passed a IP, or a DNS resolvable name for the host in question.

You may also try to copy the Eggplant preferences file to the other machine, since that’s where the connection list is stored. Or to get pretty fancy just transfer the knownVNCList key=value from one prefs file to the other.