Running Out of Eggplant Host Memory

We seem to be having issues running out of memory on our Eggplant host when running through our Eggplant scripts (Eggplant 10.23, RHEL 5.3). Our host has 6 GB of memory, yet running 1 or 2 instances of Eggplant on the host will eventually chew through all of the available memory until one of the instances crashes. When running in debug mode (eggplant-debug with gdb 6.8) the debug window usually says “Virutal memory exhausted”, and by looking at top or vmstat we can see that one instance of Eggplant has eaten up almost 3 GB of memory. Is anyone seeing the same memory problems with Eggplant, and does anyone know of a good workaround for the memory issues?

We’ve seen memory issues in the post with the following code:

Wait until file exists

but we coded in a workaround for that which included adding a fixed-time wait statement while searching for a file. We’re still having issues, but we can’t seem to narrow it down to any single string of Eggplant script code.