Running Eggplant on a PC with windows

Is there any plans in the future to create a windows version of Eggplant?

At this time there are no current plans to port Eggplant to Windows. But porting Eggplant to Windows or Linux is something which we regularly evalute and might do in the future.

If this is something you would really like to see happen we would like to here from you privately at

I second the request to port to Windows or Linux. You have a nice automation solution but making the driving application Mac only limits its potential use. To use your software, customers who don’t have Macs will need to buy Mac hardware as well as your software. Macs don’t come cheap like PCs and some companies are cash strapped. You could gain a larger user base by supporting Windows and/or Linux.

Being Mac software, supporting Linux is probably the better idea to start with. I hope you do reconsider if you have the resources to do a port.

For the small company that I work at, this is our biggest hang up to using Eggplant. We are not a Mac shop & 95% of our customers use Windows, so we are barely even interested in testing our s/w on MacOS, even less in using it as a development machine.

The devs & testers we hire rarely know MacOS, so we spend a lot of time learning about the differences, and for long time Windows users, the differences are not small.

Budget-wise, any time I want to add a new development station, I have to add the cost of a new machine into the proposal which inflates the number & makes approval less likely.

I concur that adding a Windows version would result in higher adoption of this excellent automation application.