RunHistory.csv Files Always Created with 644 Permissions

Everytime I create a new script in Eggplant, the RunHistory.csv file gets created with 644 (rw-r–r--) permissions. We are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, and I verified that the Linux umask as well as “the umask” global property in Eggplant are both 2 (should create files/folders with 664 (rw-rw-r–) permissions). When other users in the same group as the script creator try to run the script, they are able to create a results directory and write a log file (the results directory is 664), but they cannot update the RunHistory.csv file with the statistics of the run.

Is this something in Eggplant that forces the RunHistory.csv file to 644, or is that a setting that I’m missing in Linux?

Thanks for pointing this out; we’ll look at putting a fix in place in a future release – it’s an oversight, not an intentional feature. This file only gets created once, so if you manually change the permissions, they should remain writable from that point on.