RightClick command problem

Hi there. I am having a little problem :shock:
I want to capture images of application that runs on my redHat9 box. So i VNC there and i want to do RightClick command on some file .I capture an image of that file, So my code looks like this

RightClick “right_file”.

When i am trying to run script i get following error
“FAILURE Screen_Error.tiff SRUN_RecursionLimitExceeded Handlers were called to a depth exceeding the maximum limit (13) Execution Time 0:00:01 rightclick.script”

Could someone tell me why it does not want to do right click ? I want to see menu from right click :cry:

You’re doing everything right, except for one small mistake that’s easy to make (I’ve done it myself!). Your script must be called RightClick, so when it executes your RightClick command it calls itself. :?

Just change the name of your script to something else, and everything should work fine. Good luck!


I called my script RightClick… and insetred that
RightClick “image” in it. Run it. and still got the same errors :frowning:

I GOT IT… THANKS a lot!!!


I was wondering what the solution is to the following:

SRUN_RecursionLimitExceeded Handlers were called to a depth exceeding the maximum limit (13)

Is there a way of increasing the maximum limit or how can I get around this?


There is a way to increase the limit, but doing so may cause crashes. To change the limit to 25, type this in a Terminal window:

defaults write Eggplant MaxCallDepth 25

On an Intel-based Mac, tests suggest that it should be safe to increase the MaxCallDepth to 40 or 50. On a PowerPC-based Mac, you may not be able to increase it at all without introducing other problems (the difference is apparently due to differences in the internal architecture of the machines or their respective compilers).

Thanks also because the same thing happened to me.

I had a script “Disconnect.script”
with only one command

I got this error: SRUN_RecursionLimitExceeded

I just renamed my script to “DisconnectCurrent.script” and that worked.

As an update on this issue. The call depth limit has been extended to 40 levels which is usually enough for the majority of scenarios.

As Kathryn encountered – the most common time you hit this error is when you inadvertently call your own function recursively. Like having a disconnect script that calls disconnect. It’s just calling itself over and over until you have hit the recursion limit.

If you truly want to overwrite an Eggplant function then you need to pass the message to the back end within the overwritten command. Here is a trivial example, see the SenseTalk reference for more details:

on click
  -- do special logging or whatever
  pass message and continue -- Have Eggplant do normal click behavior
end on