reverse connection color depth control?

One of the primary reasons I purchased Vine Viewer was due to how easy reverse connections are between it and Vine Server. However the usability is greatly limited because I cannot find any way to change color depth during a reverse connection.

Even going into System Preferences:Displays doesn’t work because the Vine Server needs to restart afterwards which closes reverse connections. I have zero problems with normal connections and color depths (after I found the spotlight menu “-EventSource 3” fix.)

I’ve also tried:

  • Going to the client in the connection list and changing depth after they’re connected (this disconnects the client, and they don’t reconnect automatically.)
  • Looking for a way to change the depth from Vine Server.


If you are using Vine Viewer 3.0 it shouldn’t disconnect if you change the color depth after the reverse connection is made.

But we hear you and for the next release of Vine Viewer you will be able to specify the default color depth for new connections (including reverse connections).