Reusable Scripts

I am not sure if my question belongs to this forum, so please accept my apologies as I didn’t know where to post it.

I need to setup a test system using eggplant functional to be able to reuse scripts that other team members might write. Is there a nice structure that we can start based off?
I am not sure whether eggplant Manager does that? If so, is that a separate package our company has to purchase?

I basically want to make sure people do not just start off writing scripts and overlap each other. What is the best approach to get started on the ‘right’ track with eggplant scripting?


Neither eggPlant Functional nor eggPlant Manager really provides any support for this sort of centralized, collaborative approach. You should look at some sort of version control system, like cvs, for maintaining a central repository of scripts. And for communicating what scripts have or are being written, you might want some sort of wiki or maybe something like a Google docs spreadsheet for recording which functionality has been scripted, the script name, its suite, and maybe a description of exactly what it does.