return date from a text box

Is there a way to interpret a date and time in a specific location and store it to memory? I will call that time later and add two minutes (example) to it and enter that new time in a different location.


More info on what I’m trying to do:

I need to highlight text within a textbox and save it as a value (StartTimeValue).
Then have eggPlant recognize that value as a time format.
Convert the time into abbreviated time.
Add 1 minute to StartTimeValue and store new time as EndTimeValue.
Highlight text in a different textbox.
Enter new EndTimeValue.

Below is my psuedoscript:

Click “StartTime”
Save text as StartTimeValue
Convert text from StartTimeValue to abbreviated time
StartTimeValue + 1 minute, save as EndTimeValue
Click “EndTime”
TypeText EndTimeValue

Please help. I found nothing on how to do this in Working with Times and Dates. Thanks.

i decided to use variables to store the actual time, instead of using text and trying to convert it to time.

put abbreviated time + 4 hours into StartTimeValue_One
put StartTimeValue_One + 2 minutes into EndTimeValue_One
put EndTimeValue_One + 1 second into StartTimeValue_Two
put StartTimeValue_Two + 2 minutes into EndTimeValue_Two