Retun the amount of images found (same image)


I need to do the following. Find the amount of the same image on screen and compare it with the amount that should there should be. e.g. there should be 3 cancel buttons, so find all the cancel buttons and the amount returned should be 3

Here is the script that I tried but didn’t work:

If EveryImageLocation(“advancedWapplets/feedRepeater/thenBySortOrder”) = 3 then Click “advancedWapplets/feedRepeater/clearAllLink”


Hi SRomans,

You just need to make a small adjustment to your script which i have posted below:

if the number of items in everyimagelocation("advancedWapplets/feedRepeater/thenBySortOrder") = 3 
then	Click "advancedWapplets/feedRepeater/clearAllLink"

You need to specify in front of your everyimagelocaton function what you want to equal 3.

I hope this helps.