Results not recorded if script is called by another script

Hi all,
It appears to me that results information are not recorded in the Results tab if scripts are being called by another script. Is this true? Is there anyway I can get the called script to have its results recorded? I am currently trying to execute a bunch of test scripts via 1 main script and will need to gather the results (status, scriptname etc) of the all sub-tests. Thanks

Whatever script is run by you – whether by clicking the Run Script button in the toolbar or from the menu, or by being listed under the Schedules tab – will generate a log of its actions. Part of that script’s actions may include calling other scripts, which are considered part of its run, so their actions are included in the same log.

To do what you’re asking for, you need the RunWithNewResults command. Instead of just calling your script directly:

myOtherScript param1, param2

call it like this:

RunWithNewResults “myOtherScript”, param1, param2
put the result – a property list with status information

The calling script will produce a log which includes one line indicating that it called myOtherScript, but without logging any of the actions done by that script, and a new results log will be generated for myOtherScript as though it had been run independently.

This command was introduced specifically to allow you to write a master control script that could run other scripts. In essence, you can write a much more sophisticated scheduler than what the Schedules tab offers, that is tailored to your needs.