Response to FAQ topic: ScreenOCR font names, and TIG names

I posted this yesterday in the FAQ topic. I was in a hurry and forgot to create a new topic. I didn’t find a way to delete my old post so I’ll re-post it here and ask that one of the moderators deletes my other post.

[quote=“eriksandnes”][quote=“Todd”]Q: I’m getting font not found from my Windows TIG system, but ScreenOCR has reportedly found “MS San Serif” font was found. What can I do the fix this problem?

A: The correct name of this font for TIG purposes is “Microsoft Sans Serif”. That is true for most of the MS … fonts, use the word Microsoft. We are looking at improving the way we register and accept font names to make it more flexible/consistent with ScreenOCR[/quote]

I’m not an expert at this but for me there seems to be a problem with your explanation. I’ll do my best with my norwegian-english to explain why I feel there is a problem. Hope someone can either confirm this or help me understand how to solve my problem.

MS Sans Serif (named in the fonts folder: MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)) and Microsoft Sans Serif (Microsoft Sans Serif (TrueType)) are not entirely equal fonts. The first can be used when producing/displaying text on the screen but not for printing. The same problem occurs when trying to use Courier instead of Courier new. I’m working with an pretty outdated graphical solution which use these two fonts (MS Sans Serif and Courier). When asking the TIG to produce text images with the these two fonts I get this error statement “Font ‘Courier’ cannot be found”.

The Microsoft Sans Serif font can almost replace MS Sans Serif. I’ve only had a few occurrences where I’ve had to use only part of the word I’m looking for. Courier new on the other hand cannot be used when searching for text generated by Courier.

Are there fonts only used for displaying text that are not supported by Eggplant/TIG? Fonts marked with (VGA res) in the fonts folder.

Kind regards