Require information regarding Reverse connection from VNC

Hi All,

I’m seeking information regarding the reverse connection from VNC server to Eggplant built in VNC client. I would be interested in knowing what sort of purpose is served by the reverse connection to Eggplant and the advantage of this over the forward connection. Also its usage in automation testing :!:

The primary advantage of reverse connections is to bypass firewalls, proxies or other network connections that you don’t have control over. By initiating the session from the VNC server side you can often overcome these difficulties. In a lab scenario this isn’t of much benefit.

But as far as applications to automated testing we have come up with quite a few. Imagine an Eggplant script running in a little loop like this:

repeat forever
	if ConnectionInfo().connected then
		runWithNewResults ValidateMachine, ConnectionInfo()
		wait 5
	end if
end repeat

Now you can have any machine initiate a reverse connection to Eggplant to be “Validated” (one at a time). Exactly what happens during validation of course is up to you.

Maybe you provide this service just in your test lab, but maybe you provide it to anyone within your organization, maybe you even make it available to customers to validate that your software is installed correctly and get a web report emailed to them.

Those are some ideas we’ve had and some ways we’ve even used it internally.