Require help in scripting.

Need help in scripting.

In my application there are 3 combos, say combo1, combo2, and combo3. The combo2 and combo3 are enabled and disabled depending upon the options selected in the combo1. Say, if i’m selecting option1 in combo1, then combo2 and combo3 should be enabled, but if i’m selecting option2 or option3 in combo1, then combo2 and combo3 should be disabled(greyed off).

In my script i need to verify, on selecting option2 and option3 in combo1, other combo’s are disabled or not. If not disabled then have to report failure. So please help me for such condition scripting. :!:

The key to doing any validation on a disabled region is choosing the right image to indicate it’s presence. As a rule of thumb capturing an image that is very large and complex can be error prone. Larger regions have a tendency to have subtle differences in shading and may contain other artifacts that can effect Eggplant’s ability to find an image match. I’m not sure how large or how complex your combo boxes are, but I would recommend that you only capture just enough of those regions to identify them as being disabled. Once you have selected the appropriate images that will indicate disabled states you can use the imageFound function.

// perform action on option2 in combo1
Click "option2"    -- option2 is an image

// do disabled images for combo2 and combo3 exist?
if not (imageFound("disabled2") and imageFound("disabled3")) then
   Log "Combo2 and Combo3 are not disabled"
end if

If you really want to be precise set the search rectangle.