Request: Add tripleclick

Triple click function would be extremely helpful. (And seemingly simple to add?)
One example- I have a date field that is separated as 02/24/2011 . If I double click in the field, it only selects one section of the date. Triple clicking selects the whole field without doing a drag start, drag finish (which relies on GUI and is less reliable).

If there’s a work around for this (I can’t get this to work any other way), please let me know.


Triple click events aren’t universal on a system and so are interpretted differently between applications. As such they tend to require a little adjustment and should be handled by a dedicated script. But it’s easy to write one:

to tripleClick someimage
    put the remoteWorkInterval into RWI
    set the remoteWorkInterval to .05
    click someImage
    set the remoteWorkInterval to RWI
end tripleClick

You can just put this handler in the script where you need it, or make it it’s own script and put it in a helper suite that can be added to any of your other suites.
Then you’d just call it the same way you would call any other click command:

tripleClick "imageName"

One more thing: You could also just click in the field and then use the keyboard command (control-a or command-a) to select the contents.