Repeat Index in Screen Capture

What Am I doing wrong here:

captureScreen <</Users>>&<<Duplicate>> & repeatIndex() <<tiff>>

What are you trying to do and what’s actually happening? You don’t have a dot before “tiff”, so this would try to create a file called “/UsersDuplicate1tiff.tiff”, which I think would end up putting the file “UsersDuplicate1tiff.tiff” in whatever folder is designated as your Default Suite Directory.

Note that you don’t have to specify the file extension (eggPlant only saves in one format on any given platform anyway) and you can have eggPlant automatically increment the name of the screen capture based on the files that are already present in the specified folder. So you might want code something like this:

CaptureScreen(Name:"/Path/to/desired/folder/Duplicate", increment:YES)