Renaming files from the Mac Finder

Is it alright to rename files such as script and image names through the Mac Finder without it messing eggplant software up?

Will the SuiteInfo file be updated the next time the suite is opened?

I guess that I have to rename the .imageinfo files within the images folder when I rename an image, right?

I know that I will have to change any scripts that reference the old names and change them.

Thanks for the help. It’s appreciated.


Well it’s alright to do, in that Eggplant shouldn’t crash or break, but it’s generally not preferred because it won’t transfer related resources. If you notice any specific problems then please let us know.

No, the SuiteInfo file won’t know to transfer statistics if you rename via the finder. It will treat the renamed script as brand new. This is really the only way to do it since Eggplant won’t receive direct notification of a renaming, it’ll just see a new script file. Similarly the Results section will reference that “older script” and won’t be reflected to the new name.

Yes, you will need to rename the imageinfo if you rename an image and yes you would need to change the image references in your scripts.

Thanks for your response.