RemoteClipBoard() sometimes grabs from the non-SUT computer

So the problem is that I am using my MAC to run tests on a Windows XP SUT.
Basically I am trying to control c some text on the SUT and then store it in a variable. The code I am using is as follows.

		Drag (235,260)
		Drop (995,260)
		TypeText "\cc\C"
		set x = Remoteclipboard()
		delete the last  character in x
		log x

The code works fine sometimes but once I do a command c on my MAC that isn’t the SUT then when I rerun the script it keeps grabbing the clipBoard information from my MAC where Eggplant is running. Any ideas on how to stop this. If I close Eggplant and restart it then the script will run fine and grab information from the right clipboard until I do a command c on a script I am working on in Eggplant.

If you are running your script while you have your remote window in “Live” mode, Eggplant will share the remote clipboard just like any other VNC client. If you do not want this behavior run your script in “Capture” mode.

OK thanks. That worked.

Another quick question. Is there a command to set the Remote Window to capture Mode from a script.

You can always put a disconnect / connect pair, which will log out your existing interactive session, then log you back in for your script:

disconnect “foo”
connect “foo”

You can then bring up the interactive session by hitting command-0 when the script is done.

You can hide the window altogether with

hide RemoteWindow

Just to clarify, when a script is running (and not paused) local pasteboard actions on the Eggplant machine will not be pushed through to the SUT.
You just need to be careful if a script is paused (or not running) and the Remote Window is in Live mode.