Remote start when user not logged in

I want to log in via SSH to a Mac running 10.5.2 and Vine 3.0. I want to log in to a user account not otherwise logged on to the Mac and from that user account start Vine such that I can then use Vine Viewer to launch a VNC session to the Mac and log in to the user account GUI interface.

Is this possible?

I am trying to avoid having to have all potential users of the Mac have to ALWAYS be logged on from the desktop.

Thank you

Currently this is only possible through Vine by using the System Server to Fast-User-Switch and then login to the new user. This creates an appropriate GUI Context for the Vine Server to serve which can be done with a Vine Desktop Server. Unfortunately this impacts any user running on the console.

There ARE ways to do this without disrupting the console user but they aren’t integrated into Vine – if you (or anyone else) finds any way to do this conveniently (eg from a terminal, from some system calls, etc) we would LOVE to hear about it and would work hard to integrate it directly into the Vine Server.