Remote Screen Viewing Area/Resolution

Is there a way to expand the viewing area when I share screens from one MAC OS X machine to another via Vine Server and Vine Viewer? It currently doesn’t allow me to drag the size of the window out to full screen. Using the “Full Screen” feature only adds black space around the limited viewing area.

Also, the screen resolution in the Vine Viewer window (that shows the remote machine) is not the same as when I hook a monitor up directly to that remote machine. How can I set the resolution of the Vine Viewer screen to match the resolution settings in the remote machine’s control panel display settings?



Lets start with your second question first.

Vine does exactly what you describe. Specifically Vine “matches” the resolution setting of the remote desktop (I’ll avoid saying “screen” because you may be dealing with an off-screen account or a headless machine). If you are saying that plugging in a monitor changes the resolution, that is true - but if you then connect with Vine I bet you’ll see that changed resolution. I think that leads to your initial question.

How can you enlarge the remote desktop? The same way you would if you were sitting there – changing the resolution in System Preferences. Unfortunately if you are running against a headless machine you might be limited in what resolutions OS X allows you to pick. We are currently hoping to find some good solutions for setting arbitrary resolutions when no monitor is connected but that’s a somewhat different issue (made difficult by the OS X system).