Reg : Object Identification

I am using Eggplant to automate scenarios in CATIA (Mechanical Engineering Design Tool). In the Screen the objects are displayed as Tree like structure.


I need eggplant to select the particular product from tree. Should not capture image before.

How to perform this? Kindly help me!!!

I’m kind of confused with your question.

Do you mean, not to capture the image but recognising the object through text? If so, you can try below -

Click (Text: "Prod001")
Click (Text: "Product2")
Click (Text: "3D")

Note: You need to make sure, there are no such duplicate text exist on the screen. If there are then the above script need to modify.

For example: If you know that it is the second of two occurrences of the word “Prod001” on the screen, you can use code like this to find both and click the second:

click the last item of everyImageLocation(Text:"Prod001")

Let me know how this goes.

Hi Trinadhu,

I have tried with the syntax you have given.

I used readtext to find the object listed in the window. I understood there will be problem in recoqnizing the text on my sut.

For Ex:

Product001 is on the Screen.

But readtext property displayed it as "P r ductOOO1?

I dont know how to make eggplant to read my object properly?