Reg : Accessing Folder


I have queries in accessing Folder content.

How to refer folder in a script?

For Ex: Put file “C:\Data est.csv”

Like the above mentioned example. I would like to refer folder and Pick a require file from the Fodler.

Kindly help me to do this…

My Requirement :

I have Folder (Test) and three files in the folder.

I need to refer folder path and to get files list.


To get a list of files in a folder on the local (eggPlant) machine, you can use the files() function:

put the files of "C:\Data" into fileList

The files, folders, and filesAndFolders functions are documented at

You can use the same approach to get a list of files in a folder on the SUT, but only if the SUT’s file system is mounted locally across the network. Otherwise you’ll have to script the actions that a user would take to traverse the SUT file system.