redhat 5 crontab help

Cron’ing my eggplant script does not seem to work with redhat 5. Eggplant launches a GUI and therefore the cron will not run.

The portion of my csh script which launches eggplant is below:

>runscript RunTestPhx.script -host <machine> -port <#> -parms p1 p2 p3

How can I flag eggplant so it does not show any GUI when I call it from my csh script? An example would be appreciated.


Sorry this took so long to get an answer for. You can’t completely suppress the eggPlant GUI, but you can let the GUI portion run. It should work to add the following code before the command in the crontab:

export DISPLAY=:0 && 

so the complete line of the crontab will look something like this:

58 11 * * * export DISPLAY=:0 && /usr/local/bin/runscript '/home/vadmin/Documents/EPSuites/Testing.suite/Scripts/Test.script'

This worked in my tests running cron jobs as the logged in user.