Recreating mouse move / drag bug with Eggplant

Here’s a stumper: I’ve found that in an app I’m testing, dragging something around the screen jumps CPU usage up to 50%, and fans start screaming. OK, now to quantify this in Eggplant.

Problem: when I drag over VNC or in my Eggplant script, I can’t recreate this. I’ve futzed with all the mouseMove and mouseDrag settings, tried dragging, moving with MouseButtonDown 1, and tried a custom handler, but all to no avail.

Any ideas as to what VNC is doing with move or drag commands that doesn’t allow me to recreate this?

It’s hard to say for sure, but if you’ve tried dragging the mouse through VNC in Live mode without triggering the problem, then it’s not likely that a script will do any better. It sounds like whatever is causing the problem is somehow related to a mouse driver or something similar.

When VNC generates mouse events, it does so at a low level, injecting event information into the operating system at a layer close to the hardware level. But of course it’s not moving the physical mouse, and it is also bypassing that first layer of software – the driver that monitors the hardware inputs and injects event information into the operating system.

Maybe that information can at least help you to track down the source of the problem. Good luck!