Record and Play Option in eggPlant (window verson)


I have just started eggPlant (window version)
I am looking for the functionality, if eggPlant generates script while recording and I can play it back; then start editing from that point. I saw the option control>enter capture mode. Is it to record scripts as I click in different pages? Or just to capture images?

My objective is to create an order in the website.

Or only option is to write script and run it?

Can you give me a brief idea that can be easy guideline for the new user?


Please see the Getting Started guide and the tutorials at:

The idea is that you use the toolbar buttons to capture the images and perform the steps at the same time. For example, select a button on the SUT with the capture area, click the “Click” button on the toolbar, and you will get the Save Image panel. Name and save the image, and eggPlant will save the image, generate the script code, and perform the click action on the SUT.