Record and Play feature

It would be nice to have Record and Play feature in Eggplant.

eggPlant’s standard scripting approach is what we refer to as assisted record and play. In v15, we introduced the turbo capture mode, which is closer to what you probably mean by record and play. The actions are recorded, but you generally need to refine the captured images before playing the script back. But no tool provides really useful scripts by just recording user actions; if they did, then there would be no need for the skills of software testers – you could just sit anybody down in front of the app and have them use it while recording their actions and you’d get all the test scripts that you needed.

Thanks EggplantMatt!!! Agree with you on refining the captured images before playing the script.

Is the version 15 released?

Do u know what more new features we are going to get in version 15?

Yes, we just released v15.02 last week. You can find a list of features in the Release Notes, which are available from within the application or you can download them separately here.