Recommendations for test-case management tools

Does anyone have any recommendations of test-case management tools they are using in combination with eggPlant?

I’m trying to find a system that would help with the migration of manual test cases to automated (eggPlant-driven) tests.

Ideally the system would integrate with eggPlant to the extent that it could initiate and record the outcomes of automated test runs.

I also require that the system is equally effective with manual test runs i.e. allowing testers to record test outcomes / organise test suites / link to bug-tracking systems etc.

All comments appreciated.



TestPlant doesn’t recommend any specific tools, but part of the design of eggPlant is intended to make it easy to integrate with other systems. There are no proprietary formats in use (images are tiffs [or pngs on Linux], scripts are plain text or rtf, and results are stored as tab-delimited text files) and you can execute a script from a simple command line call. So it should not be too difficult to integrate it with whatever tool you find that meets your other requirements.