Recommendation - NX

Have you guys tried FreeNX? It is much faster and is secure. I have not found any Mac versions. I like the Vine Server but it is a bit slow. Redstone should look into adopting the NX platform.

NoMachine has a version and there is a test drive on their site. is another version.

Since VNC Server is freely ported to almost all major operating systems and our flagship product Eggplant leverages this technology, it currently makes the most sense for us to concentrate on the VNC Server and Viewer solutions (also the most widely used virtualized desktop and remote access solution in the world today). We appreciate the comments about speed, and if you have particular speed metrics which are clearly slower than other solutions we are more than happy to look at making the Vine Server faster. Thank you for your input, and we hope you find the FREELY available Vine Server something you can leverage in your future use in the VNC OSX world.