Recognize image

Good morning all, hope you are doing great.
I need your help please.
I have attached a screenshot to this post.
Please take a look at it, I would like oto know how can i do for my script to search for the “Administrator” text and click on it but it was unbale to find it after 50 seconds.
I sdont want to capture it.
Here is what i 've done
if ImageFound(50, (Text"Administrator"))
Click it
wait 3
end if
Is it possible to do it without capturing image?
This happen when i am trying to ligin the computer.

Thanks in Advance

Nobody for help ?? (

Why don’t you want to capture it? eggPlant is an image-based tool; the OCR functionality is intended for use when images aren’t viable for whatever reason.

You’ll probably have better luck with the OCR if you specify additional parameters as described at

Try to do it with OCR features(search rectangle).
But it should use when the text are dynamic.

Better solution is capture the image.