Recapturing all images after resizing the viewer window

I’m not sure if this question has been asked before.

Yesterday I recorded some tests with an expanded/resized viewer window.

Today as I executed the scripts with a resized screen I had to recapture ALL the images from tests recorded yesterday because eggPlant wasn’t able to find ANY of them on the screen.

What went wrong? Is there a solution to this problem?


Can you describe what it was that you were doing at the time that this happened? What are you testing/what kind of images had you captured? Is there anything else in the environment that changed to your knowledge?
Please also tell us what your eggPlant machine is running, what you are using as your SUT and what VNC you are using.

So that you know, eggPlant itself is resolution independent. Were you testing a Flash app? Some Flash applications depend on resolution.

Sample captured images and screenshots will be very helpful in figuring out this issue. Please send those to